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Replacements / Complaints


We always strive hard & do our best to ensure that you have a fun-filled shopping experience and receive the wonderfool products in top condition as per your expectations.

But sometimes (and we say only sometimes) errors and mistakes do happen. If any such fault comes to your attention or if any part of our products or services is not up to the mark, we would appreciate your feedback. We will do everything we can to attend to your complaint & rectify our mistakes. We are serious about you having fun. We want you to have a wonderfool time!

If you have any complaint, you may let us know either by:
1. Writing in through the CONTACT US page; or
2. Emailing us at
Stay rest assured that we will work on your feedback immediately.


We advise you to check the parcel you receive at the time it is delivered to your doorstep. If the product is damaged during transit by our courier service provider (it won’t normally happen), simply return the product to us along with a copy of the INVOICE and all the products’ accessories, original packing etc. Please also include a NOTE with your personal details, order details & what went wrong with the delivered product so we can take corrective action.

As soon as we receive the damaged product back, we shall send another fresh unit of the product by courier.
Important: The product has to be dispatched for replacement within 3 days from the date of receipt of the product.  After 3 days, no complaints will be entertained.