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About WonderShop.In

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.
- Roald Dahl

Varun believed in Magic.
After all, he was part of Wonder Magic, India’s largest manufacturer & exporter of kids’ magic tricks, jokes and pranks. Having attended some of the world’s largest toys & games fairs and magic conventions, he found a lot of magical things everywhere he travelled.

There is a mischievous child in all of us waiting to surprise and be surprised. Everyone has a secret desire to be one up on others. Mischief, Magic & Mystery have fascinated mankind since ancient times. And this phenomenon was visible all over the world.

But he could not find the amazing range of mischievous, mysterious and magical products anywhere in India!

Was it because we, in India, did not like some magic in our lives?
Or was it because people didn’t know what they were missing out on?

WonderShop.In was born to make never seen before tricks, jokes, pranks, gags, curiosities, puzzles and fun-things available to the fun lovers and mischief makers of India.

Our in-house prankster ‘Smarty’ is there to join us along the way with his magical comic strips that will amaze and astound you with a simple trick or prank that you can master in minutes.

We believe that we all have the power to spread joy & happiness.
We believe that we all have a child inside us – waiting to be surprised.
We believe that we all would like some magic in our lives!

WonderShop.In brings to you Mischief, Magic and Mystery – Online!
Shop for some incredibly awesome products and be ready to be amazed!

So, do you believe in magic?
Check out our mind-blowing products today!

It’s WonderFOOL!

Varun Thakur holds an MBA from the University of Hong Kong & London Business School. His prior work experience is in export marketing and product development for major toy brands across the globe. He is seen here with ‘Smarty’ – The WonderFool Magician at WonderShop.In